Sogn Jord- og Hagebruksskule, a national centre for organic agriculture

Sogn Jord- og Hagebruksskule (SJH) translates to Sogn school of organic agriculture and horticulture. SJH gives students of all ages an opportunity to learn about organic farming at a professional level. The school accepts students from all of Norway. We can also accept foreign students who can speak and write Norwegian, if we have vacant places. The school emphasizes practical skills, and the school farm is an important part of the education. The farm is completely converted to organic production, and boasts a great variety of animals (dairy cattle, goats, sheep, bees and workhorses), vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs.

The subjects and techniques taught at the school encompass both modern and traditional agricultural practices and equipment, intending to give students a wider range of choice when working with agriculture.

The school focuses not only on the production of the common farm products, but also on processing. Facilities for making cheese, baking and processing vegetables, herbs and fruit can be found on the school grounds.

SJH has been a pioneer in organic farming in Norway, and was the first Norwegian agricultural school to fully convert to the organic method of production. Since 1987 several hundred organic agronomy professionals have graduated.

What is organic farming?

An organic farmer is concerned about managing the long-term well-being of the soil and environment by using ecologically sound principles. The goal is to produce healthy food without jeopardizing the soils ability to serve future generations as well. To put it simply, organic farming is trying to put into practice the idea of sustainable living. An organic farmer tries as much as possible to base the production of fodder and manure from the farm itself, and to build on nature’s own principles to avoid diseases and pests. Artificial fertilizers and chemical treatments are therefore avoided.

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Our farm shop offers a rich variety of local and organic products. Explore local cheese and other foods, snacks, cosmetics, flowers, gifts etc. Opening hours: Mon, Tues, Wed: 11-16 Thur, Fri: 11-17 Sat: 11-14 Contact info to the farm shop: +47 415 30 741 / gardsbutikken.sjh@vlfk.no www.facebook.com/GardsbutikkenSjh

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